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Christmas Stations for Cycles 2-3

3 décembre 2012 par Christine Baida

Learning Stations are an exciting, self-motivational way to enhance, develop, or extend learning of a given topic or theme.
They are also great to incorporate and develop the culture component of the ESL program.

Christmas is an important celebration in Canadian Culture and as such is widely celebrated in our schools. Using a Christmas
Rallye activity will be a nice extension to any Christmas classroom project or as a stand alone activity to reinvest learning from previous years on this topic.

You can prepare the students by first reading a Christmas story or brainstorming Christmas vocabulary using the provided flashcards. Activities will last 1-2 periods depending on the proficiency of your students.

There are 2 versions of the Rallye, one for cycle 2 and one (a bit more difficult) for cycle 3/Intensive English. It is up to the teacher to decide the grade level ; keep in mind that if you use the Rallye with the whole cycle, you will not be able to use it next year with the upper level of the cycle.

These activities are also appropriate for special needs students in high school (PR 2-3).

* The activities are taken or adapted from worksheets found on esl websites, sources are cited at the bottom of each activity sheet.

Click here to download the zip file for the Christmas Rallye for Cycles 2-3

* You need your Novel login and password to access the zip folder