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I’ve Lost My Cat - Grade 2

5 décembre 2012 par Christine Baida

Since 2000, in cooperation with ministries of education, school boards and library organizations across Canada — the CCBC has given every Grade One student a free Canadian children’s book in either French or English.

This fall, Grade One children Quebec-wide will take home J’ai perdu mon chat, written and illustrated by Philippe Béha, and published by Éditions Imagine. This title is also available in English as I’ve Lost My Cat.

Following in the footsteps of previous TD Books like Too Many Books, Caramba, Gifts ..., a Learning and Evaluation Situation has been created to explore this story in ESL class, more specifically in grade 2.

In this delightful tale, a young boy loses his cat – he’s round, he’s cute, he’s yellow, black and white, and his name is Greyling. The boy’s friends all try to find Greyling and they bring the young boy all sorts of animals that somewhat match the description of his cat. They bring him a leopard, a pig and an elephant... but none of them are Greyling. Oh where has his little cat gone ?

In the coming weeks, each specialist will receive a copy of I’ve Lost My Cat through internal mail ; class sets of the book are available on loan from my office.

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