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Encouraging Students to Speak English in English Class

1er octobre 2013 par Christine Baida

Are you wondering how you can encourage and motivate your students to use more English in the ESL classroom ?

Do you want to increase the amount of English
they already use and improve your classroom management skills ?

Over the years, through many workshops and Swap Shops on C1, Classroom Management and Organisation, I have collected many of your ideas, strategies and tools towards this most crucial of elements in the ESL program.

Feel free to add any of these "tried and true" motivational techniques to your arsenal of ways to motivate the students and help them feel at ease in expressing themselves. 

Keep in mind that variety is also key to maintaining an English-only classroom, so remember to change your system every so often to keep them motivated.
Some of the ideas are better for cycle 2 students but you can adapt them to your needs.

Here is the list of of the motivational techniques to support you in your efforts for an English-only classroom. You will recognize some of these as your own while others come from ESL colleagues in other schoolboards. If you have another idea that works well with your students, send me a detailed description and I will add it to the list.

- French Tag
- My English Passport
- QUIET English
- Sticks & Rewards
- Tally Marks
- The Gumball Machine
- The Planet System
- I Speak English Store
- Compex System
- Red Ticket / Blue Ticket

- The French Stick

You will also find the complete list in the Community on the BV in the folder "Encouraging the Use of English in the ESL Classroom," as well as a thread in the forum to discuss and collaborate on this topic throughout the school year.

Have a great school year.