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Comme l’information se trouvant sur le portail pédagogique de la Commission scolaire provient de diverses sources, il appert que certaines erreurs ou omissions peuvent s’y retrouver. Cependant, bien qu’il soit extrêmement difficile de garantir l’exactitude et la fiabilité de l’ensemble de ces informations, une vérification constante des contenus sera effectuée. Néanmoins, si vous constatez que des informations sont inexactes ou qu’elles contreviennent à la Loi sur le plagiat ou le droit d’auteur, vous êtes invités à communiquer avec nous dans les meilleurs délais.

English as a Second Language

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Christmas Stations for Cycles 2-3

Décembre 2012 par Christine Baida

Learning Stations are an exciting, self-motivational way to enhance, develop, or extend learning of a given topic or theme. They are also great to incorporate and develop the culture component of (...)(lire la suite)

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Encouraging Students to Speak English in English Class

1er octobre 2013 par Christine Baida

Are you wondering how you can encourage and motivate your students to use more English in the ESL classroom ? Do you want to increase the amount of English they already use and improve your (...)(lire la suite)

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Elementary LES Catalogue 2013-2014

23 août 2013 par Christine Baida

Welcome Back to school ! The 2013-2014 updated catalogue lists all the available Learning and Evaluation Situations and Evaluation Situations with a short description and some pertinent (...)(lire la suite)

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I’m Done ! Now What ?

15 avril 2013 par Christine Baida

In every ESL class there is likely to be a few kids who are bilingual or very strong and are finished before most of the class is even halfway done. Here are some minimal-prep ideas of what to (...)(lire la suite)

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Spring Stations

5 mars 2013 par Christine Baida

Spring is the time for new beginnings ! Usher in the spring season with these interactive stations, a sure way to revive spirits and motivate the troops. These Spring Stations have a new (...)(lire la suite)

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Take Home Activities for Spring Break

22 février 2013 par Christine Baida

These Journals are developed for those parents/students interested in doing extra activities in English ! You may post these on your school webpage, parents can download them if they so wish. (...)(lire la suite)

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Valentine Stations

1er février 2013 par Christine Baida

Here is the latest installment in the Learning Stations Activities. This one is for Valentine’s Day ! It is up to you to decide the cycle/year for which they are most appropriate. Do not forget to (...)(lire la suite)

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Evaluation - A Love Hate Relationship !

13 décembre 2012 par Christine Baida

In English class, children develop the 3 competencies of the ESL Program in Synergy : To Interact Orally in English, To Reinvest Understanding of Texts, To write Texts. Of course, students (...)(lire la suite)

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I’ve Lost My Cat - Grade 2

5 décembre 2012 par Christine Baida

Since 2000, in cooperation with ministries of education, school boards and library organizations across Canada — the CCBC has given every Grade One student a free Canadian children’s book in (...)(lire la suite)

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